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Search and connect with the right candidates faster.
With 120,000 profiles being added monthly, SEEK Talent Search gives you the opportunity to find candidates who may be a perfect fit for your role.
Save time in your dayDon’t wait for the perfect candidate to come to you. Many candidates are just waiting to be invited to apply to your role. Search for your perfect candidate using our advanced sort and filter functions, including salary, industry and location.
Find your perfect match easilySEEK Profiles also include key data such as career history, providing you with the information you need to make the decision to connect with a candidate. Access to unique CV data also ensures our algorithms match the most relevant candidates to your search.With every ad you place on SEEK, you gain access to SEEK Standard Talent Search, to search, filter and connect with candidates whose profiles match your job ad.
Send Jobs25 credits
Send Message50 credits
Access CV200 credits
Flexible credits included with every job adWith every ad placed on SEEK, you receive 1,000 credits, which can be used to connect with candidates of interest on Talent Search. You can spend credits by sending a candidate your job ad, accessing their CV or sending an interesting candidate a message to connect.
“As a recruiter, one of the biggest tools in my candidate sourcing arsenal is the SEEK database. This is a fantastic resource for my colleagues and I to search the resumes of candidates who are actively seeking work, as well as those who were looking in the past and might be ready for a change now.”Sally Horwood - people2people
Don’t wait for the right candidate.Access a talent pool of over 8 million profiles, with 120,000 added monthly.Post your job and get searching.
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Broaden your search and unearth new candidates with SEEK Premium Talent SearchAs well as offering you the same functionality as Standard Talent Search, Premium Talent Search offers you the ability to:
  • Search across the entire pool of 8 million active and passive SEEK Profiles
  • Widen your results beyond the location of the job ad
  • Search by job title, skills or company name
  • Easily gauge if a candidate may be interested with our Approachability Signal
  • Receive bonus credits for each ad placed on SEEK
For more info and SEEK Premium Talent Search pricing, get in touch with our Sales Team on 13 64 34