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Manage your candidates quickly and easily

Purchase a job ad to get free access to SEEK's candidate management system. Easily identify the best candidates applying for your role and then move through the process, from shortlisting to offering them the job.

Easily track and manage your candidates

Control your hiring process by reviewing candidates as they apply. Choose which candidates are most suitable, by checking how they answered your 5 easy-to-choose screening questions and who has verified claims with Certsy, SEEK's verification platform.

Review application details like résumés and cover letters quickly

Access your candidates quickly by assessing their SEEK profile, featuring work history and skills, their cover letter and résumé. You can easily download any of the documents you need at any time.

Easily move candidates through the hiring process

Keep your inbox of recently applied candidates tidy by using the Shortlist and Not Suitable buttons to separate who to consider and who to disregard for your role.

Send candidates a status update - all in one action

Candidates need to know what's going on. Send bulk emails to tell them if they've been unsuccessful, or make their day with the new they've made it to the next round.

We make it quicker and easier to find the right candidate

Progress the best people quickly through the hiring process.
Quality candidates are listed first so you can contact them sooner.
Validate candidate claims with our verification partner Certsy.
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